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The History of The June

When people visit our community – one of the first things that they ask is – who is June of “The June?”

Well, we are glad you asked!

At The June, we understand and want to honor the traditions of the loved ones that have been so instrumental in our lives. So when a key staff member, Teri Showalter, told us the story of someone who was extremely influential in her own life, we knew we had the perfect person.

Teri’s grandmother June Eileen Connor, is the namesake of our San Antonio location. Here Teri tells June’s story:

My grandmother June was a wife, mother, artist, and all around compassionate individual. When it comes to caring for her family, she would go that extra mile and everyone could always count on her. June was born on June 19, 1913 in Seattle, Washington and moved to Pueblo, Colorado to be the caregiver for her great aunt after her mother died of the flu when she was in her teens. During her time in Pueblo she met her husband, Miles Anthony Connor and the were married in 1934 at the tender age of 21.

June’s husband Miles was an officer in the USAF and they had four children: Miles, Martha, Michael, and Marilyn. In 1941 Miles joined the Air Force and they traveled the world as he was stationed overseas and domestically. Miles retired in 1966 after serving for over 24 years as a colonel. Once retired, they decided to make San Antonio their home, and eventually spent their final years together in an Army Residence Community there.

My grandmother had such a zest for life and was such a dedicated caregiver. But she also knew how to take time to care for herself. You could always find her swimming in her pool and she just loved to travel from San Antonio to Padre Island. She was also an avid oil painter and even did a mural in her home of Padre Island. She wanted to share her art with everyone and loved to participate in the Starving Artist Shows on the Riverwalk.

To ensure that June’s memory is served well, you will see treasured pieces of her artwork throughout the community in addition to incorporating her own recipes to our scheduled menus. It is our special way to infuse the community with the spirit of a woman that means so much and that has done so much for those around her.

Traditions are important – and at The June we want to ensure all of these valuable memories are passed on for many generations to come.

The History of The June

Our Team

The June offers quality Assisted Living and Memory Care services with innovative and personalized solutions for each resident. In order to ensure the proper level of care is provided, each and every resident is fully assessed by our nurse prior to moving in.

Our care staff is able to determine how best to serve each resident by knowing as much as possible about each resident’s life story, preferences and abilities. Our innovative resident clinical evaluation is designed to capture all the nuances of your needs and create a comprehensive plan of service.

Our technology compiles all the information from the service plan and communicates your specific needs to the staff, ensuring timely and specific attention to detail. We work hand-in-hand with your physician to handle your healthcare needs.

To top it all off, our team have been hand chosen to be at the pinnacle of quality, so that you and your loved ones will be able to feel comforted that the environment of care that will surround each and every one of our residents will be conducive to them thriving and celebrating in the joy of everyday life.

The June is proudly managed by Aventine Senior Living. Aventine Senior Living is dedicated to excellence in care with a commitment to honoring traditions and family, inspiring greatness in our team, and celebrating culture.

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