The History of The June

May visitors often ask why the community is named The June?

At The June, we understand and want to honor the traditions of the loved ones that have been so instrumental in our lives.

Our community is named after one of our family members and reminds us all to keep traditions alive and cherish our residents as if they are our parent or grandparent. June was a wife, mother, artist, and all-around compassionate individual.

When it comes to caring for her family, she would go that extra mile, and everyone could always count on her.

June was born in, 1913, in Seattle, Washington ,and moved to Pueblo, Colorado to be the caregiver for her great June met her husband, Miles in Pueblo, and together, they had four children.

June’s husband Miles was an US Airforce officer and they traveled the world as he was stationed overseas and domestically. After 24 years as a colonel, Miles retired and they chose San Antonio to be their home where they spent their final years together. June had such a zest for life and a dedicated caregiver.

She enjoyed swimming in her pool or traveling from San Antonio to Padre Island.

She was an avid oil painter and painted a mural in her home of Padre Island. She wanted to share art with everyone and loved to participate in the Starving Artist Shows on the Riverwalk.

To ensure that June’s memory is all around, you will see treasured pieces of her artwork throughout the community, and her recipes on our scheduled menus. It is our unique way to infuse the community with a woman’s spirit that means so much.

Traditions are important – and at The June, we want to ensure all of these valuable memories are passed on from one generation to the next.

The History of The June
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